Montana Rarities is an employee owned buyer and seller of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

We have instituted a minimum order requirement on the website of $500. At the same time we have lowered our markups and believe our offerings are extremely competitive as a result.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the reality of this market means we have to take drastic steps to maintain our high service standards.

Precious metals prices are extremely volatile due to many factors (Putin, Federal Reserve proclamations and Covid, to name a few) so we reserve the right to cancel orders if there are rapid market changes. We are not in business to sell below our replacement costs. Or we won't be for long...

Please call or Email us if you are seeing something listed on the website that is showing as out of stock. It might be available and if we can determine the market price we can sell it.

If you are looking to sell we have increased our buy offers significantly. Please see what we are offering for your metals here

If you are considering a large investment, we want to earn your business. Here is what we are currently charging for purchases of 10 oz of gold or 500 oz of silver.

FREE shipping on orders over $1,000!

Specials and New Arrivals!

Golden State Mint Aztec Calendar Silver Round 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $25.37, 100 for $2,505.30
Mexican 5 Pesos Gold
Credit/Paypal: $256.50, 5 for $1,273.60
Mexican 20 Pesos Gold
Credit/Paypal: $1,012.80
Stagecoach Silver Divisible Round 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $30.38
2022 American Silver Eagle $1 Unc
Credit/Paypal: $32.80, 100 for $3,239.00
2022 St Helena Queens Virtues Victory Silver Bar 10 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $249.90, 10 for $2,474.00
2022 American Platinum Eagle $100 Unc 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $1,119.40
Scottsdale Mint Silver Stacker Bar 10 oz
Credit/Paypal: $246.60
1915 Austria Gold 20 Coronas AU
Credit/Paypal: $407.20
Wall Street Silver- This is the Way Silver Round 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $25.87, 100 for $2,554.70
Isle of Man Platinum Noble 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $1,119.10
Valcambi Silver Combibar 100 x 1 gram
Credit/Paypal: $142.30
Valcambi Gold Star Combibar 5 x 1 gram
Credit/Paypal: $372.50
Canada Platinum Maple 1 Troy oz Coin
Credit/Paypal: $1,097.20
Monarch 3D Alien Head with Bag 2 Troy oz
Cash: $52.27
Credit/Paypal: $55.02
1912 Austria Gold 10 Coronas AU/XF
Credit/Paypal: $206.40, 5 for $1,024.80
Perth Mint Gold Bar 1 gram
Credit/Paypal: $79.22
2021 St Helena Napoleon's Angel Silver 1 Troy oz BU
Credit/Paypal: $25.37
1921 US Morgan Silver Dollar VG-XF+
Credit/Paypal: $35.95
2021 Queen's Beasts White Greyhound Gold £25 1/4 oz
Credit/Paypal: $539.80
Liberty Lobby Andrew Jackson Silver Round Proof Like 1/2 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $14.37
1915 Austria Gold 100 Coronas UNC
Credit/Paypal: $1,987.60
1907-1914 France Gold Rooster 20 Francs AU
Credit/Paypal: $397.90
Monarch 3D Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cross with Box 2 Troy oz
Cash: $61.95
Credit/Paypal: $65.21
Valcambi Gold Bar 2.5 gram
Credit/Paypal: $179.90
Scottsdale Mint "Reserve" Round 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $24.88, 100 for $2,456.90
1915 Austria Gold 4 Ducats
Credit/Paypal: $924.30
Engelhard Gold Bar 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,415.90
Sunshine Minting Gold Ingot 1 gram
Credit/Paypal: $79.22
Sunshine Minting Gold Ingot 5 gram
Credit/Paypal: $343.20