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Specials and New Arrivals!

2023 Mexican Libertad Onza Troy de Plata (Troy Ounce of Silver)
Credit/Paypal: $37.39, 10 for $369.30
Argor-Heraeus Gold Kinebar 1 troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,246.20
1982 Sunshine Mining Silver Proof Set
2022 Niue Silver Darth Vader 1 Troy oz
2023 Somalia Wildlife African Elephant Silver 1 Troy oz
Germania Mint Poured Silver Bar 5 Troy oz
2023 Armenia Silver Noah's Ark 500 Dram 1 oz BU
Credit/Paypal: $30.51, 100 for $3,012.90
Golden State Mint Aztec Calendar Silver Round 1/10 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $4.35, 50 for $214.80
Buffalo Indian Head Silver Round 1/4 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $8.93, 40 for $352.80
Buffalo Indian Head Silver Round 1/10 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $4.39, 50 for $216.80
Canadian Gold Bar 5 x 1/10 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $1,173.60
American Gold Eagle $5 Unc 1/10 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $247.90, 10 for $2,461.70
Valcambi Silver Combibar 100 x 1 gram
2022 South Africa Elephant Big Five Gold 1 troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,282.90
2022 Tudor Beasts Lion of England £100 Gold 1 oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,385.70
Engelhard E-MC Gold bar 1 Troy oz with envelope
Cash: $2,484.30
Credit/Paypal: $2,627.60
2023 Somalia Gold Elephant 1/10 troy oz
2023 Cook Islands $1 HMS Bounty .9999 fine Silver 1 Troy oz
Monarch Precious Metals Stone Struck Silver Bar 10 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $277.00, 10 for $2,743.00
2023 Great Britain Gold Britannia £25 1/4 Troy oz
Goldas Chipgold Gold Ingot 10 gram
Dillon Gage Gold Bracelet 1 troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,343.40