Montana Rarities is an employee owned Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium dealer focused on serving our clients' needs.

Prices displayed on the site are starting prices and we offer discounts for purchases starting at 5 oz of gold or 100 oz of silver and will beat the big online dealers most of the time. So please email us when you are ready to see how we compare.

There are no salesmen here trying to push inappropriate products on you. We listen to what you want to do, if we know of a more cost effective way to accomplish something we may make suggestions but will never try to up-sell you.

No minimum order requirement- we have Free Shipping on orders of $1,000 or more, under that we have a flat $29 shipping and handling charge (see here for more details).

If you are looking to sell we have increased our buy offers significantly. Please see what we are offering for your metals here.

Specials and New Arrivals!

2024 American Silver Eagle $1 Unc
Credit/Paypal: $40.53, 100 for $4,002.40
Golden State Mint Morgan Design Silver Round 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $35.63, 100 for $3,518.50
1986 Swiss William Tell Platinum Shooting Thaler 1 oz Proof
Credit/Paypal: $1,250.50
Johnson Matthey Gold Ingot 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,711.60
Generic Silver Round 1/2 Troy oz
$5 Face Value 90% Silver Mercury Dimes containing 3.57 Troy oz Silver
Credit/Paypal: $134.10, 28 for $3,707.90
Valcambi Gold Bar 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,583.50
Sunshine Minting Silver Bar 50 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $1,784.20
Johnson Matthey Silver Bar 1 Troy oz
Crabtree Mint $100 Silver Round 2 Troy oz
$100 Face Value 90% Silver Dimes 71.5 Troy oz Pure Silver
Credit/Paypal: $2,520.00
Germania Mint Poured Silver Bar 5 Troy oz
2023 Somalia Wildlife African Elephant Silver 1 Troy oz
Australian Platinum Platypus 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $1,229.50
2023 Mexican Libertad Onza Troy de Plata (Troy Ounce of Silver)
Mexican 2 1/2 Pesos Gold
Argor-Heraeus Gold Kinebar 1 troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,604.10
Isle of Man Platinum Noble 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $1,225.20
Stagecoach Silver Divisible Bar 10 x 1 Troy oz
1982 Sunshine Mining Silver Proof Set
Buffalo Indian Head Silver Round 1/10 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $4.87, 50 for $240.50
Mexican 20 Pesos Gold
Credit/Paypal: $1,290.80
Mexican Gold 50 Pesos 1821-1947
Credit/Paypal: $3,158.10
Golden State Mint Aztec Calendar Silver Round 1/10 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $4.87, 50 for $240.50
Stagecoach Silver Divisible Round 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $39.54, 100 for $3,904.60
Valcambi Gold Combibar 50 x 1 gram
Credit/Paypal: $4,267.50
Generic Silver Bar 100 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $3,488.70
Generic Silver Bars 1 Troy oz
Credit/Paypal: $35.80, 100 for $3,535.30
2022 Tudor Beasts Lion of England £100 Gold 1 oz
Credit/Paypal: $2,633.70
Swiss Vreneli Gold 20 Francs Unc
Credit/Paypal: $487.60, 5 for $2,421.00