Cash (Check, Money order, Echeck, Bank wire) Discount

Cash pricing is 5% lower than using Paypal or a credit card.

Prices shown on the website for "cash" are indication only (prices are not continuously updated) and are only valid for a limited time after being uploaded. They represent the price before quantity discounts.

Cash includes payment by Check, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Echeck, PTP, ACH* or bank wire. Basically anything that doesn't require fees to a 3rd party provider.

Do not use the Shopping Cart Checkout as it only allows payment by Credit Card or Paypal.

Send an email with the Item Number(s) and Quantity of the product(s) you wish to purchase and how you plan on paying. We will reply with a quote, calculating quantity discounts if applicable and payment instructions.

Orders paid by Cashier's Check, Money Order or wire transfer will be shipped the day after receipt of payment, personal checks will be subject to a 5 business day bank hold. Hold times are for first-time clients. Repeat customers' checks are as good as cash with no banking holds.

Another option is Echeck, ACH* or PTP payments. These transactions are faster than mailing checks and are directly credited to our account. Shipping will be subject to the same 5 business day bank hold as for checks, next day for repeat clients.

* Due to repeated instances of attempted fraud we do not initiate ACH withdrawals for new customers. You can send payments via ACH if your bank offers this service but we will only draw funds directly from bank accounts of known clients.

Payment must be received electronically or postmarked by the next business day.

Payments sent late may be returned. If prices have increased and your payment was sent 2 days late you can count on it being refused.

Quotes over $7,500 must be paid by same day Wire Transfer. As we are charged $10 by our bank to receive wire transfers we do not accept wire transfers for payments under that amount.