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4/11/2009 (revised 9/10/2015, 5/07/2021,3/04/2023)

Montana Rarities Privacy Policy

Our Commitment To Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it is used and safeguarded.

What Information Is Collected:

As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers:

Shipping/Billing Address
Email address
Phone number
Credit/Debit Card Information

How That Information Is Used:

Your private data is only used by us to fulfill your order and send you shipping confirmations after your purchase has shipped.

We will never divulge your personal information to any outside party for any purpose. We hate spam more than your average internet user.

Third-Party Web Beacons: We use third-party web beacons from Turbify and Google to help analyze where visitors go and what they do while visiting our website.

Our Commitment To The Security of Your Data

Turbify collects the information necessary to process your order and their ability to safeguard data far exceeds that of a small business in Montana, we will not even pretend we can do a better job.

Paypal handles processing your credit card or Paypal payment and account information is not shared with Montana Rarities. They tell us the payment has been made and that is all we need to know.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: (Updated 4/08/2015)

Returns and Refunds

Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Montana Rarities. If you are not happy with your purchase returns will be accepted subject to the following conditions:

1) You must contact us within 30 days of receipt of your shipment.

2) On returning bullion related items, any market loss on the return will be deducted from the refund. Any market gain on returned items are the property of Montana Rarities.

3) Collectible coins will be refunded at purchase price (less the restocking fee).

4) Shipping charges are not refundable, unless we shipped the wrong item to you.

5) All returns for reasons other than an error on our part are subject to a $25 restocking charge, but this may be waived depending on the circumstances.


When you place an order you are entering into a binding, legal agreement and cancellations are generally not permitted.

Orders placed on the website are shipped promptly, and once shipped can not be cancelled. Instead you will need to contact us about a return.

It is not in our best interests to accept the risks involved of selling at a fixed price when market prices are constantly changing, only to have orders cancelled. However, we realize rare situations happen where they may need to be cancelled. Should you elect to cancel your order, you must contact us as soon as possible after placing it.

All cancellations are subject to our market loss policy plus a $25.00 cancellation fee. No future orders may be permitted until these fees are paid in full.

We will pursue all legal remedies in the event that a customer initiates a credit card charge-back after an order is shipped.

Market Loss Policy

When you cancel or return an order we will refund the lower of the price you paid or the current Montana Rarities selling price. If the price has increased from the time you placed the order those gains are the property of Montana Rarities.

Returned Checks:

If you mail in a personal or business check and it is returned by your bank for any reason (Insufficient Funds, illegible writing, closed account etc) there will be a $25 returned check fee that will have to be paid before your shipment will be released. We do not redeposit bounced checks, so you will have to resubmit payment with the returned check fee, however not with checks drawn on the same account. Money order, Cashier's Check or credit card (with applicable fees added) would be acceptable.

We will pursue all legal remedies, including filing a mail fraud case with the U.S. Postal Inspector, if you do not make Montana Rarities whole.

Cash Pricing:

Cash prices published on the website are indications only. When you call or email for a quote we use current spot pricing for our costing basis, which may result in higher or lower pricing that what is shown on the product pages. Precious metals spot pricing fluctuates significantly from second to second and keeping pricing up to date on the website is impractical.

Pricing Errors, Product Availability and Suspicious Transactions:

Montana Rarities reserves the right to reject an order when the price is incorrect due to computer-related problems, pricing errors or sudden movements in the precious metals market. Orders may be canceled if items are unavailable due to prior sale or inventory error, and in no circumstance will Montana Rarities be liable for any losses that might ensue. Further, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order deemed questionable, suspicious or of significant risk to Montana Rarities regardless of payment method and price confirmation.

We do not sell internationally. This includes any order placed on the website with a foreign-based credit card or Paypal account for delivery inside the US. Transaction fees are higher on foreign sourced payments, and we decline to absorb them. While you might be able to place the order using the shopping cart, these orders will be cancelled upon review by a live person.

Montana Rarities has an active Anti Money Laundering Program in place, and any unusual requests or suspicious transactions will be examined closely. We take our responsibilities under the USA Patriot Act very seriously.

Legal Disclaimer:

Montana Rarities makes no warranties or assurances of the appropriateness of any investment for any person, and can not be held liable for any loss of principal as a result of purchase decisions made by others. If you choose to invest in precious metals you assume all responsibility for your decisions and must perform your own research and due diligence to be sure that such investments are right for your circumstances.

Montana Rarities is not selling a regulated product or securities, and offers no guarantees or warranties. Buying anything as an investment could result in losses, and this caveat is especially true with precious metals as market prices can be volatile, and there is a significant spread between Buy and Sell prices.

Montana Rarities or its principals can not be held responsible for any forecast or speculation on the future values of any precious metals, the bond market, US dollar or General Motors stock. Opinions expressed or offered are merely opinions, not expert advice.

Honestly, if we knew where the price of gold or silver was going to be in the future you would be dealing with us from our private island in the Mediterranean. As we don't have said island, pretty much any speculation on the price of gold is worthless.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions: