Crabtree Mint $100 Silver Round 2 Troy oz

Crabtree Mint $100 Silver Round 2 Troy oz
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Product Description

Crabtree Mint 2 troy oz .999 fine silver rounds.

The Crabtree Mint of Paradise, CA apparently sold these rounds in the late 1970s early 1980s and had an unusual guarantee. It states on the obverse "100 Dollars" and "Guarantees to repurchase this ingot for no less than 100 Dollars after Dec. 25, 1986". The reverse features a balance scale, inscription above- "Two Troy Ounces", below is the mintmark "APM", ".999 Fine Silver" and "Silver Trade Unit".

(Crabtree Mint is not associated in any way with Montana Rarities. We do not honor the $100 "Guarantee", so if you have one, and silver is under $50 an ounce, we will not pay $100 for these)

Rounds in stock are in as-new, brilliant proof-like finish.

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