Swiss Vreneli Gold 20 Francs Unc

Swiss Vreneli Gold 20 Francs Unc
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Product Description

Last minted in 1949 the Swiss 20 franc gold coin is one of the most popular bullion coins in the world. All the coins were struck at the national Swiss Mint of .900 fine gold and contain 0.1867 troy oz of pure gold.

The obverse the Swiss 20 Franc gold coin features a bust of a Vreneli, or the 'Swiss Miss' of Swiss legends. She has braided hair and a garland of flowers, the background features the Swiss Alps. Above her is 'HELVETIA',which is why this coin is also referred to as a Helvetia (the ancient name of the western part of Switzerland).

The reverse of the coin features a Swiss shield over a background of an oak branch tied with ribbons. The denomination (20 FR) and the date also appear on this side.

Limited availability- picture is example only, coins in inventory do not come with acrylic holders (coin is 21.2mm in diameter, 22mm Airtites are a good fit and are sold separately).

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