Liberty Lobby Silver Round 1 Troy oz

Liberty Lobby Silver Round 1 Troy oz
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Product Description

Liberty Lobby was formed in 1955 as a political pressure group fighting for liberty. In 1973 Liberty Lobby established Liberty Trust, today the oldest private mint in the U.S. specializing in pure silver.

These silver rounds contain 480 grains (1 troy oz) .999 fine silver. They feature Liberty Lobby's trademark on the chest of an eagle with the weight, fineness and "One Silver Eagle" and "Eternal Vigilance" on the obverse, on the reverse is either a bust of George Washington with "Integrity" above and "Liberty Lobby" below, or a bust of Lady Liberty facing right.

Currently in stock:
11 x 1974 Washington
7 x 1977 Washington
3 x 1979 Washington
5 x 1980 Lady Liberty
22 x 1985 Lady Liberty

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