Quantity Pricing

If you are looking for 500 or more ounces of silver or 20 oz of gold, platinum or palladium here are our current sell prices. These are indication only, they are not updated during the day as spot fluctuates. Please email us or phone 406.396.9468 to get an up to date quote.

Prices include shipping and full insurance coverage.

500-999 oz1000 oz or more As low as spot +
Generic Silver Rounds 1 oz$18.10$17.98$0.67
Branded Silver Rounds 1 oz$18.31$18.18$0.87
Generic Silver Bars 1 oz$18.10$17.98$0.67
Branded Silver Bars 1 oz$18.41$18.28$0.97
2017 American Silver Eagle 1 Troy oz$19.95$19.81$2.50
American Silver Eagle 1 Troy oz (Backdates)$19.49$19.35$2.04
2017 Canada Silver Maple 1 Troy oz$19.49$19.35$2.04
Canada Silver Maple 1 Troy oz (Backdates)$19.28$19.15$1.84
Branded Silver Bars 5 oz$91.79$91.16$4.61
Generic Silver Bars 10 Troy oz$182.04$180.80$7.70
Branded Silver Bars 10 Troy oz$183.07$181.81$8.71
Generic Silver Bars 100 Troy oz$1,805.03$1,792.70$61.70
Johnson Matthey/Engelhard Bars 100 Troy oz$1,820.40$1,807.97$76.97
90% Silver U.S. Dimes/Quarters $1 face value$12.80$12.71$0.33
90% Silver U.S. Halves $1 face value$12.91$12.82$0.44

20-99 oz100 oz or more As low as Spot +
American Gold Eagle 1 Troy oz$1,342.90$1,338.90$45.00
American Gold Eagle 1/2 Troy oz$688.90$686.80$39.85
American Gold Eagle 1/4 Troy oz$349.40$348.30$24.83
American Gold Eagle 1/10 Troy oz$143.70$143.30$13.91
American Gold Buffalo 1 Troy oz$1,342.20$1,338.30$44.40
Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1 Troy oz$1,328.30$1,324.40$30.50
Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 Troy oz$1,329.30$1,325.40$31.50
Canadian Gold Maple .9999 fine 1 Troy oz$1,328.30$1,324.40$30.50
Canadian Gold Maple .9999 fine 1/2 Troy oz$682.30$680.30$33.35
Canadian Gold Maple .9999 fine 1/4 Troy oz$342.80$341.80$18.33
Canadian Gold Maple .9999 fine 1/10 Troy oz$142.40$142.00$12.61
Krugerrand Gold 1 Troy oz$1,329.30$1,325.40$31.50
British Gold Sovereign AU+$309.56$308.65$4.06
Swiss 20 francs AU+$245.52$244.79$3.22
Swiss Gold Bars with Assay 1 Troy oz$1,322.20$1,318.30$24.40
Swiss Palladium Bars with Assay 1 Troy oz$1,023.00$1,019.90$26.10
Canadian Palladium Maple 1 Troy oz$1,017.90$1,014.90$21.10
Swiss Platinum Bars with Assay 1 Troy oz$996.80$993.90$40.90
American Platinum Eagle 1 Troy oz Unc$1,067.80$1,064.60$111.60
Canadian Platinum Maple 1 Troy oz$1,009.00$1,006.00$53.00

This pricelist last updated on Nov 17, 2017, with Gold spot at $1,293.90, Silver spot at $17.31, Platinum spot at $953.00 and Palladium spot at $993.80

Let us know what you are looking for and the quantity desired and we will work out pricing (usually within minutes). If you were looking for something not listed here just ask, maybe we can get it. We can certainly try.

For purchases of this size payment will have to be made by same-day wire transfer, details on how to complete the transaction will be included with your quote lock. Depending on the depository orders will be shipped 1-3 days after payment, silver generally ships UPS Ground, Gold and Platinum Group metals will ship UPS or FedEx Overnight.

We are competitive with even the largest online dealers, and pricing is going to be better than from your local coin shop.