Precious Metals Buy Prices

Not only do we sell gold and silver, we buy it too. This page gives you an idea what we are offering to pay for various bullion items.

Offers are accurate as of Jan 23, 2018 at 8:42 AM Mountain time ONLY.

(The prices shown here are indication only, and are what we BUY precious metals at for inventory, not what we SELL for. They were accurate at the time of publishing, but may change by the time you contact us. Our actual offer will be based on the current spot, and may be very different if you are wanting to sell an amount greater than our inventory requirements.)

Gold Buy Prices
ItemBuy price
American Gold Eagle 1/10 oz$139.00
American Gold Eagle 1/4 oz$340.00
American Gold Eagle 1/2 oz$675.00
American Gold Eagle 1 oz$1,337.00
American Gold Buffalo 1 oz$1,339.00
Australian Kangaroo 1/10 oz$139.00
Australian Kangaroo 1/4 oz$340.00
Australian Kangaroo 1/2 oz$675.00
Australian Kangaroo 1 oz$1,329.00
Canada Gold Maple 1/20 oz$76.00
Canada Gold Maple 1/10 oz$139.00
Canada Gold Maple 1/4 oz$339.00
Canada Gold Maple 1/2 oz$672.00
Canada Gold Maple 1 oz$1,330.00
Krugerrand 1/10 oz$139.00
Krugerrand 1/4 oz$338.00
Krugerrand 1/2 oz$668.00
Krugerrand 1 oz$1,323.00
Gold 1 gram$47.00
Gold 2.5 gram$114.00
Gold 5 gram$218.00
Gold 10 gram$434.00
Swiss Gold bar 1 oz$1,310.00
Engelhard Gold bar 1/2 oz$708.00
Engelhard Gold bar 1 oz$1,403.00
Engelhard Prospector Gold 1 oz$1,416.00
Johnson Matthey Gold bar 1 oz$1,350.00
American Arts 1/2 oz$638.00
American Arts 1 oz$1,277.00
Austria 1 Ducat$143.00
Austria 4 Ducat$569.00
British Sovereigns$302.00
Denmark 20 Kroner$333.00
France 10 Franc $121.00
France 20 Franc $242.00
Mexico 2 Pesos$64.00
Mexico 2.5 Pesos$80.00
Mexico 5 Pesos$158.00
Mexico 10 Pesos$314.00
Mexico 20 Pesos$629.00
Mexico 50 Pesos$1,540.00
Russian 5 Ruble (Up to 1894)$250.00
Russian 5 Ruble (1895 and later )$160.00
Russian 10 Ruble$329.00
South African 1 Rand$153.00
South African 2 Rand$305.00
Swiss 20 Franc$242.00

Silver Buy Prices
ItemBuy price
American Silver Eagle 1 oz$18.30
Canada Silver Maple 1 oz$17.80
Generic (any other brand) Silver Round 1 oz$16.80
A-Mark Round 1 oz$17.00
Engelhard Prospector 1 oz$17.30
Golden State Mint Buffalo 1 oz$16.80
Pan American Round 1 oz$17.00
Stagecoach Round 1 oz$17.80
Sunshine Mint Round 1 oz$17.00
Generic (any other brand) Silver Bars 1 oz $16.60
Engelhard Silver Bar 1 oz$18.50
Johnson Matthey Bar 1 oz$17.50
Heraeus Silver Bar 1 oz$16.90
Monarch Silver Bar 1 oz$17.10
Morgan Design Bar 1 oz$17.00
Northwest Territorial Mint Bar 1 oz$17.20
Stagecoach Divisible Bar 1 oz$18.40
Sunshine Mint Bar 1 oz$17.20
Generic (any other brand) bar 5 oz$83.90
Engelhard Silver Bar 5 oz$108.90
Monarch Silver Bar 5 oz$85.40
Northwest Territorial Mint Bar 5 oz$85.90
Pan American Bar 5 oz$85.90
Silvertowne Bar 5 oz$84.90
Generic (any other brand) Bar 10 oz$164.70
A-Mark Bar 10 oz$168.70
Engelhard Bar 10 oz$174.70
Johnson Matthey Bar 10 oz$171.70
Northwest Territorial Mint 10 oz$168.70
Pan American Bar 10 oz$168.70
Generic (any other brand) Bar 100 oz$1,617.00
Engelhard or JM Bar 100 oz$1,637.00

Junk Silver Buy Prices
ItemBuy price
90% Silver Coins (pre-1965)$11.30
40% Silver Coins (1965-70 Kennedy)$4.20
Price per $1 face value, and is current with spot at: $16.97

Platinum Buy Prices
ItemBuy price
American Platinum Eagle 1/10 oz$110.00
American Platinum Eagle 1/4 oz$259.00
American Platinum Eagle 1/2 oz$509.00
American Platinum Eagle 1 oz$1,008.00
Isle of Man Noble 1 oz$978.00
Australian Platinum Koala 1 oz$982.00
Engelhard Platinum Bar 1 oz$978.00
Swiss Platinum Bar 1 g$32.00
Swiss Platinum Bar 5 g$162.00
Swiss Platinum Bar 20 g$642.00
Swiss Platinum Bar 1/2 oz$474.00
Swiss Platinum Bar 1 oz$978.00

Palladium Buy Prices
ItemBuy price
Canada Palladium Maple 1 oz$1,069.00
Swiss Palladium Bar 1 oz$1,058.00
Engelhard Palladium Bar 1 oz$1,069.00

Spot basis-
Gold spot: $1,338.30
Silver spot: $16.97
Platinum spot: $1,003.00
Palladium spot: $1,090.50

Please email if you have any of the above items you wish to sell, advising the condition and quantity you are looking to send.

These are not the only items we are looking to buy, let us make an offer if you have any kind of US or foreign precious metals coins, or bullion and collectibles not listed.

Even factoring in that you have to ship your metals to us, we believe our buy prices will be better for you than what you can get from a local dealer.

Payment would be by Paypal or cashier's check, sent within 24 hours after receipt and we verify everything is as represented.

Gold coins are expected to be free of scratches, gold bars should be complete with assay certificates or Ingotcards. Gold bars or coins previously mounted in jewelry will only be worth scrap, meaning we have to sell to a refinery, and will not be able to offer as much. Therefore please tell us all pertinent information before you ship anything so that we can make a more accurate assessment.

All silver bullion is expected to be in clean, retailable condition (90% silver does not, but should not be excessively corroded or dirty). If your silver is scratched up or tarnished then we will treat it as generic, no matter the brand, and our settlement will be adjusted to reflect that price.