1999 Canada Nunavut $2 Gold Proof

1999 Canada Nunavut $2 Gold Proof
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Product Description

The Nunavut $2 coin commemorates the formation of Nunavut, Canada's third territory, in 1999. The design honors a native drum dance, created by the Inuit artist Germaine Arnaktauyok, and was struck in three metallic versions: 22-karat gold, sterling silver and standard metals.

This is the gold version, comprised of a 22 karat gold inner core with 4.1 karat gold outer ring. (Composition of the inner core is 91.67% gold, 4.1% silver, and 4.23% copper, the outer ring is 17.2% gold, 77.6% silver, and 5.23% copper).

It has a diameter of 28mm, and weighs 11.47 grams. The total amount of gold is 5.7756 grams.

Comes in a green leatherette case with black insert, coin is encapsulated in acrylic holder. Total mintage was 4298 coins.

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