U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Monster Box

U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Monster Box
Item# 1005
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Product Description

Genuine U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Monster box holds 25 mint tubes (capacity of 500 1 oz Silver Eagles).

Does NOT come with mint tubes, add them with the option button above.

Feeling ambitious? Needing goals? Then how about buying an empty Silver Eagles box and making it your mission to fill it up?

Used, but in excellent condition. Please note- there are NO Silver Eagles included in this sale! If you want to buy a box already pre-filled with Eagles, then Email for Pricing.

Due to size and weight issues the shipping on this item is a little higher than our normal price based shipping charges. Shipping is $20.95 each (with or without the mint tubes).

We NEVER charge sales tax!

To buy at the 5% lower Check/MO (Cash) price please Email us. We also offer quantity discounts and free shipping for 10 oz gold or 300 oz of silver!