British Gold Sovereign XF-AU

British Gold Sovereign XF-AU
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Product Description

British Gold Sovereign with bust of the reigning sovereign on the head, and on the reverse Saint George killing a dragon.

The sovereign was a circulating coin in Great Britain and the Colonies until the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. It was recognized and accepted all over the world, and in fact was used as money in many countries when the parties involved wanted to trade in gold. Until the introduction of the Krugerrand 1oz Gold coin in 1967 the Gold Sovereign was the most widely owned bullion coin, and most of the billion or so sovereigns minted are still in existence.

The Sovereign contains 0.2354 Troy Oz of Gold, 22 karat (91.67%, alloyed with Copper). Coins in stock usually are an assortment including late Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V, in Extra Fine and better condition.

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