1902 Sweden Gold 20 Kroner Unc

1902 Sweden Gold 20 Kroner Unc
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Product Description

1902 Swedish 20 Kroner gold coin, in Uncirculated condition.

After losing to Russia in the Finnish War of 1808-9 Sweden ceded Finland to Russia and was reduced to 2/3 of its original size. After Norway achieved independence from Denmark in 1814 they fought a brief war with Sweden which resulted in a union between the two countries, ruled by the Swedish monarchy but each with its own parliament, laws, army and money.

This Swedish 20 Kroner coin features King Oscar II. The sardine brand is named after the king, not the other way around.

Coin contains 0.2593 troy oz of gold in a .900 alloy. Mintage was 50,400.

Fairly rare, coin is in beautiful uncirculated condition.

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