Sunshine Minting SI Decoder Lens

Sunshine Minting SI Decoder Lens
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Product Description

Sunshine Minting Decoder lens.

All the new Sunshine Minting bullion items feature the new MINT MARK SI™ security feature (gold bars, silver rounds and bars of all sizes).

With fresh stories of counterfeit precious metals all the time Sunshine Minting has incorporated their counterfeit protection security feature, naming it MINT MARK SI™ on the reverse of their bullion products. It is not visible to the naked eye and can be validated only with this special Sunshine Minting Decoder Lens.

When viewed through this decoder lens the word "VALID" appears. It is quite a neat and interesting feature, and gives you just a little better peace of mind.

While difficult to photograph, you can actually see the word appear in our picture of the decoder on a Sunshine 1 oz silver bar.

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