Stagecoach Silver Divisible Bar 10 x 1 Troy oz

Stagecoach Silver Divisible Bar 10 x 1 Troy oz
Item# 2082

Product Description

Northwest Territorial Mint Stagecoach silver 1 oz .999 fine silver bars in original mint sheet of 10. We will not cut the sheets to sell individually.

Stagecoach silver bars are an interesting silver bullion barter product marketed to the survivalist worried about TEOTWAWKI. Each bar has score lines on the reverse that allow you to divide the bars into 4 equal sized parts weighing 1/4 troy oz each, giving you a smaller barter silver bar if the need arises.

The obverse features a stagecoach at full gallop, with the legend 'For When You Need to Get Out of Dodge'.

Bars are 1 troy oz of .999 fine silver, produced by Northwest Territorial Mint in Auburn, Washington.

Bars are available in original mint packaging of 10 bars per sheet of heavy plastic to protect the bars from environmental contaminants.

NWT Mint went bankrupt in early 2016, no more are available new.

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