South Africa Gold 2 Rand Unc

South Africa Gold 2 Rand Unc
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1980 South African Two Rand gold coin, minted from 22 kt (.9167 fine) gold and containing 0.2354 troy oz of gold (same gold content as the British Sovereign). Coins are in excellent uncirculated condition.

This coin was issued by the Republic of South Africa after independence in 1960. The South African Mint had been minting Gold Sovereigns and Half sovereigns under British rule, and after the Republic was established they kept the same size coins and minted them as 1 Rand (Half Sovereign) and 2 Rand (Sovereign).

The obverse features a bust of Jan van Riebeck (1619-1689), founder of the first Dutch settlement in South Africa in 1652, with the nation's motto in both Afrikaans and English. The reverse has a springbok with the nation's name in the two languages, the year above the springbok, and the denomination below.

Gold 2 Rands were produced from 1961 to 1983, when they were discontinued. Demand declined after the fractional Krugerrand bullion coins were introduced in 1980.

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