$5 Face Value 90% Silver Proof Quarters 3.575 Troy oz silver

$5 Face Value 90% Silver Proof Quarters 3.575 Troy oz silver
Item# 2419
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Product Description

$5.00 lot of assorted modern 90% silver US Quarter Proofs, mixed State (1999 and newer) with a few older Washington Quarters in the mix. All in almost uncirculated condition.

The only coins to be struck in 90% silver since 1964 are proofs, and these have been busted out of the sets for their silver content.

There is over 3.5 Troy Ounces of silver in these coins.

The photo is a representation of the types and quality of the coins that will be shipped. No guarantee that there will be any particular mix of coins, but most of the Quarters are from the State Quarters program, with very few 1964 and older Washington proofs.

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