$5 Face Value 90% Silver Quarters containing 3.57 Troy oz Silver

$5 Face Value 90% Silver Quarters  containing 3.57 Troy oz Silver
Item# 2421
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Product Description

$5.00 lot of assorted 90% silver US Quarters, mixed Standing Liberty and pre-1965 Washingtons. In circulated condition.

We have a limited number of Proof Washington Quarters in whole tubes dated 1961-1964. These are uncirculated and beautiful. Make your date selection using the dropdown menu above.

Owning 90% legal tender coins is a smart way to buy silver, it gives you the potential gains to be made when silver advances, while being instantly recognized and accepted for trading if you need to buy food or other essentials in the event of an emergency.

There is over 3.5 Troy Ounces of silver in these coins.

The photo is a representation of the types and quality of the coins that will be shipped. No guarantee that there will be any particular mix of coins, but most of the Quarters are Washington and very few Liberty being found.

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