Silver Bullet Bullion .50 BMG 10 Troy oz

Silver Bullet Bullion .50 BMG 10 Troy oz
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Product Description

Silver Bullet Bullion, from Northwest Territorial Mint. These .50 BMG "bullets" are made with .999 fine silver and weigh 10 troy oz each.

The .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) was adopted by the US in 1921, and was a scaled up .30-06 cartridge. Extensively used in WW II as an anti-aircraft round, especially in the M2 machinegun mounted in American fighters and as defensive armament on US bombers like the B-17 and B-29. The round is still used in NATO armies as a heavy machinegun cartridge, as well as in long-range sniper rifles.

Each 10 oz silver bullet is packed in its own box.

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