Mexican Gold 50 Pesos 1821-1947

Mexican Gold 50 Pesos 1821-1947
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The Mexican 50 Peso was designed by Emilio Del Moral for the Casa de Moneda de Mexico (The Mexico Mint) to commemorate a century of Mexican Independence from Spanish rule. The coin, also called CENTENARIO, was authorized for issue by on September 14, 1921.

On the obverse of the coin is the winged goddess of victory holding up a laurel wreath in her right hand and chains in her left. The goddess depiction stands in front of the Iztacchautl and Popcatepetl volcanoes in Mexico.

On the reverse is the Mexican coat of arms, with an eagle grasping a snake, and positioned above a cactus.

Between 1949 and 1972 the Mexican Mint produced 3,975,654 re-strikes using original 1947 dated dies and although they have a monetary marking of "50 Pesos" they are considered to be bullion issues. The original coins produced in 1947 are not distinguishable from those produced as re-strikes in later years.

Gross Weight of 41.667 Grams of 0.900 Fine Gold alloyed with copper, providing a Net Gold Weight of 37.5 Grams (1.2057 Troy Ounces).

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