Mexican Libertad Onza Troy de Plata (Troy Ounce of Silver)

Mexican Libertad Onza Troy de Plata (Troy Ounce of Silver)
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Product Description

We have a limited number of Mexican Onza Troy de Plata (troy ounce of silver) coins, each is .999 pure and one troy ounce exactly, minted at The Mexican Mint ("La Casa de Moneda de México").

The design is very similar to the Mexican 50 Peso. Victoria, goddess of victory, stands in front of the Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatéptl volcanoes. The fineness and amount of silver, the date, and the name of the issuing country (“MEXICO”) are all listed. The reverse features an eagle battling a snake, surrounded by a wreath and the words “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS”. Around the edge is stamped “INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD”.

Various dates, pre-1996 are 36 mm in diameter, much thicker than the current version. There are no Airtites that these will fit in (coins minted after 1996 are 40.6 mm, same size as the American Silver Eagle).

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