1877 German States Prussia Gold 5 Mark AU

1877 German States Prussia Gold 5 Mark AU
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Product Description

1877 Prussia Gold 5 Mark coin in AU condition, A mintmark. Coin contains 0.0576 troy oz of gold, and is .900 fine.

Before Otto Von Bismark consolidated the country the various German states were very autonomous, even minting their own money. Prussia was one of the richest, and as a consequence the gold coins they minted are the most commonly found.

This coin was minted during the reign of Wilhelm I, the first King-Emperor, ruling from 1871 - 1888. Features his bust on the obverse with the inscription WILLHELM DEUTSCHER KAISER KÖNIG V PREUSSEN, and on the reverse the Crowned arms of Germany, a spread eagle, with DEUTSCHES REICH 1877 and 5 MARK around the edge.

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