Engelhard Silver Bar 10 Troy Oz

Engelhard Silver Bar 10 Troy Oz
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Product Description

Engelhard 10 Troy Ounce .999+ Pure Silver bullion bars, serial numbered.

In stock at present are the "bread loaf" style poured bars. Just got in a nice lot, in excellent condition. Flat machined bottoms with a curved pillow top.

These are the most coveted of all the private label minted silver bars. These silver bullion bars were made in the 1970's and 80's. Highly sought after by investors and collectors because of the fame and reputation of the Engelhard Company and their strict quality standards, not to mention these are just so nice!

These bars show their age, with handling marks and scratches that do not affect their value, it only enhances it. Some have minor tarnishing, to be expected on silver that has been stored and traded for at least 30 years.

Very limited quantities.

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