1987 Engelhard Gold Prospector 1 oz

1987 Engelhard Gold Prospector 1 oz
Item# 4128
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Product Description

1987 Engelhard Gold Prospector Round, 1 Troy oz 999.9 fine on assay card.

Like the highly prized silver rounds, this gold Engelhard round is a very desirable item, highly sought after by collectors of all things Engelhard. Containing 1 troy oz of 999.9 fine gold this round is extremely rare, as the market demand was for Swiss style gold bars, not gold rounds. Very few of these were struck, and are almost impossible to find.

Engelhard replicated the design of their later silver rounds, with a kneeling prospector panning for gold on the obverse, and an eagle in flight clutching a flag in one talon and an olive branch in the other on the reverse.

This is the rarest date, less than 2,500 were minted. Compare that to about 20,000 of the 1984 date (we had one in stock previously).

Only one available, in excellent uncirculated proof-like condition. At some point the staples had been removed, we re-stapled the card as the coin was moving around inside the assay holder.

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