Engelhard E-MC Gold bar 1 Troy oz with envelope

Engelhard E-MC Gold bar 1 Troy oz with envelope
Item# 4006
Cash: $2,880.40
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Product Description

Engelhard Gold bar, .9999 fine 1 troy oz in mint condition.

Portrait style with the E-MC globe logo (Engelhard Metal and Chemical Corp). Sealed in plastic, stapled to paper assay certificate and in serial numbered envelope. Certificate is in new condition.

Acquired a limited number of these fantastic bars in the same shape as they were purchased and stored over 50 years ago. Paper certificates and the original envelopes are in excellent shape although some rust spotting from the metal envelope clasps and the staples are to be expected.

Bars are rarely found with the original CoA, when they do show up the certificates are usually folded with wear as in this picture, which was the last one we had-

Compare that to this-

Get yours while we still have them.

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