1928 Netherlands Gold 1 Ducat AU

1928 Netherlands Gold 1 Ducat AU
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Product Description

1928 Netherlands 1 Ducat gold coin, containing 0.1106 troy oz pure gold in a .983 fine alloy. Coin is in Almost Uncirculated condition.

Minted in Holland for use in foreign trade, the Netherlands one ducat gold coin was first issued in 1487 under Phillip the Fair and a coin very similar to the one depicted above has been minted pretty much continuously from the early 1600s.

The trade ducat is minted as a gold bullion coin even today. Only the Venetian ducat has enjoyed greater longevity.

The obverse of the depicts a knight holding a bundle of arrows signifying the unity of the six northern provinces under the 1579 Union of Utrecht -- a declaration of independence from Spain. The motto Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt translates as "the union makes small things grow." The legend on the reverse translates to "money of the provinces of the United Netherlands according to the law of the empire."

Coin is minted in a medieval style, with high gold purity (98.25% pure) and it is very thin.

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