1964 Canada Charlottetown Silver Dollar 0.6 Troy oz Unc

1964 Canada Charlottetown Silver Dollar 0.6 Troy oz Unc
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Product Description

1964 Canada Silver Dollars commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Charlottetown, Quebec. Coins are in uncirculated condition in mint plastic, and contain 0.600 troy oz of silver.

Some may show some slight tarnish, but coins are free of scratches due to the mint packaging.

Like the US, Canadian coinage used to be based on silver. We have a limited number of Canadian Dollars from 1965 in AU condition.

The coins are 80% silver by weight (unlike the US coins at 90%) and are an economical way to buy silver. Unlike the US coins, the silver content (0.600 troy oz) is relatively straight-forward. The US Silver Dollars contained 0.7734 oz of silver.

Limited availability.

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