2022 British Tudor Beasts Lion £5 2 Troy oz

2022 British Tudor Beasts Lion £5 2 Troy oz
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Product Description

2022 Royal Mint Tudor Beasts £5 uncirculated .9999 fine silver coin, 2 troy oz Piedfort (double-thickness).

The Lion of England is the first release of the Royal Mint’s new collection featuring the ten Tudor Beasts.

The Tudor Beasts were created during the reign of Henry VIII to legitimize the Tudor dynasty through the symbolic traits carried by each of the ten distinct beasts. Five of the beasts belonged to the King and the other five to the Queen.

The Lion of England is represented as a fierce and courageous beast and has been featured on the shield of England since its creation in the 12th century. The lion represents courage, strength, dignity and pride - Traits that were not found on animals native to the country at the time, and for that reason they chose the mighty feline to represent them.

Reverse depicts a crowned Lion of England holding a heraldic shield in a protective stance, the year of release, the words “LION OF ENGLAND” along with the metal type, weight and purity while the obverse features a bust of Queen Elizabeth II, her name, and the legal tender value of the coin.

Coin has the same diameter (38.6 mm) as the Britannia and other 1 oz coins by the Royal Mint but is twice as thick ("Piedfort" is French for "heavy foot" but the literal meaning is "heavy weight").

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