2022 Tudor Beasts Lion of England £100 Gold 1 oz

2022 Tudor Beasts Lion of England £100 Gold 1 oz
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2022 Great Britain Tudor Beasts The Lion of England £100 Gold 1 Troy oz Coin .9999 Fine Gold.

Following the success of the Queen's Beasts series, the Royal Mint in 2022 commissioned a new series featuring the Royal Tudor Beasts- The Seymour Panther, The Lion of England, The Bull of Clarence, The Tudor Dragon, The Greyhound of Richmond, The Royal Dragon, The Yale of Beaufort, The Seymour Unicorn, The Queen's Panther and The Queen's Lion.

The obverse bears a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with her royal diadem and matching earrings. Inscriptions include the face value, her name, and "D.G. REG F. D." which means "By the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith" in Latin.

The reverse features the Lion of England with razor-sharp claws, an impressive mane and a royal crown, holding a collective set of arms representing the unity between King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour who were able to combine their separate families under one banner.

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