2016 China Panda 500 Yuan Gold BU 30g

2016 China Panda 500 Yuan Gold BU 30g
Item# 4697
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Product Description

The Republic of China's .999 fine gold Panda series was one of the most successful bullion coins of the 1980's. The designs changed each year, and investor demand was such that the coins traded at a very high premium over spot. the concept of a premium-priced bullion coin was established, as the gold Pandas became popular collectibles.

In the past few years, the Panda has become more and more popular with gold buyers in China and around the world.

By changing the design every year, the Chinese were able to build a steady demand for these products regardless of gold price fluctuations.

New for 2016 is metric sizing, and this coin is 30 grams (0.9645 troy oz), a little lighter than the 1 oz coin it replaces.

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