2014 Canada Birds of Prey Peregrine Falcon 1 Troy oz

2014 Canada Birds of Prey Peregrine Falcon 1 Troy oz
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Product Description

2014 Canada Silver Peregrine Falcon $5 Brilliant Uncirculated .9999 fine Silver 1 Troy oz, Birds of Prey Series.

Following on from the commercial success of the Canadian Wildlife Series struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, the mint has embarked on a 'Birds of Prey' series uncirculated collector coin.

These coins feature Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse with "Canada 5 Dollar" underneath, and a peregrine falcon on the reverse, portrayed in the striking position with wings outspread and talons extended for the kill.

The peregrine falcon is able to reach speeds of more than 180 miles per hour in pursuit of smaller birds, it's primary prey.

The peregrine is used as a symbol of aggression and military prowess in many cultures, including the Native Americans of the Mississippian culture and the Western European nobility.

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