2008-W US Mint Commemorative- Bald Eagle Unc

2008-W US Mint Commemorative- Bald Eagle Unc
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Product Description

2008-W US Mint Bald Eagle Commemorative, Uncirculated.

Celebrates the encouraging recovery of the Bald Eagle species, the 35th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, and the removal of the Bald Eagle from the Endangered Species List.

Unlike the Gold Eagle series, Gold commemoratives are minted using the old US measures for gold content in coins. For example the $5 Gold Eagle contains 1/10 Troy oz of gold in a 22 karat alloy (0.9167 fineness). This coin contains 0.242 troy oz of gold in a 0.900 fineness.

In original mint packaging, includes certificate of authenticity.

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