2006 Benjamin Franklin Coin and Chronicles Silver Dollar Unc

2006 Benjamin Franklin Coin and Chronicles Silver Dollar Unc
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Product Description

Minted to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Franklinís birth, this 2006 Benjamin Franklin "Scientist" Commemorative Silver Dollar and Chronicles Set highlight the fact that Franklin spent much of his life in the pursuit of knowledge. Among his many scientific contributions were the study of electricity and the invention of bifocals, flexible catheters, swim-fins and the lightning rod.

Set includes "Benjamin Franklin - Scientist" uncirculated U.S. silver dollar, a set of four newly-released U.S. postage stamps honoring Benjamin Franklin's accomplishments, a reproduction of the 1758 edition of 'Poor Richard's Almanack', and an intaglio print honoring Franklin's role in the creation of the Declaration of Independence. All in a colorful foldout holder.

The obverse of the dollar shows a young Franklin doing his famous kite experiment, while the reverse depicts Franklinís "Join, or Die" cartoon published in 1754.

This uncirculated $1 Dollar silver coin was struck at the Philadelphia Mint. It is made the same composition and size as the old (pre-1936) Silver Dollars- 90% silver, 10% copper, 38.5mm diameter and containing 0.7734 Troy oz of silver.

Includes all of the U.S. Mint set as issued.

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