2005 American Liberty Currency Silver $10 Unc

2005 American Liberty Currency Silver $10 Unc
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Product Description

American Liberty Currency $10 face value 1/2 troy oz .999 fine silver, in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

American Liberty Dollars were the invention of NORFED, and the original values were based on a $10 silver ounce and $500 gold ounce. As gold and silver bullion prices rose, the value of the silver ounce was changed to $20 and the gold ounce to $1,000.

The 1/2 oz silver rounds were only produced by NORFED in 3 years. In 2003 they were struck with a $5 face value, these ones from 2005 with a $10 value and then a 2008 which is very rare.

NORFED, The National Organization to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act was created October 1, 1998 by Bernard von NotHaus, who then designed the American Liberty Currency.

This coin is NOT legal tender, and is sold as a collectible only. It is a .999 fine silver 1 troy ounce medallion. On the obverse is a woman's head with a crown emblazoned with "Liberty", and the words "Liberty", "Trust in God" and "USA", the reverse has the torch of Liberty with "Liberty Dollar" and "1.800.NEW.DOLLAR" to the left, "$10" and "libertydollar.org" to the right, with "TEN DOLLARS" and "One Half Ounce 999 Fine Silver" underneath with the date at the bottom.

In brilliant uncirculated condition, limited availability.

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