1982 Elizabeth Currier G10 Gold medallion 1/10 Troy oz Unc

1982 Elizabeth Currier G10 Gold medallion 1/10 Troy oz Unc
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Product Description

1982 Gold Standard Corporation gold coin, 1/10 troy oz of 18 karat gold. Actual gold weight (AGW) is 0.075 troy oz (copper and silver make up the balance). Like new condition (picture is dated 1983, coins in stock are identical apart from dating).

We offer these for sale based on 75% pure gold content, there is actually a little more than that. For the longest time we believed the gold content was 90% but testing revealed they are about 77% gold.

This coin features Elizabeth Currier on the obverse with "Ex Pecunia Sana Libertas" [Sound Money Means Liberty] above and "Elizabeth Currier" below, with the year.

On the reverse is the denomination- .10 Gold Standard units with the legend "For integrity there is no substitute" above and "Ten Piece" below.

Gold Standard Corp was founded in Kansas City, Missouri by Conrad J. Braun, circa 1977. He purchased gold from the U.S. Treasury, minted his own coins, and sold them to the public. The denomination of these coins (and notes as well) is the Gold Standard Unit. Along with promotional slogans like “Sound Commercial Banking”, “Denationalization of Money”, and “Free Choice of Currencies”, each coin bears the image of a different free-market economic theorist.

Coins were struck in gold, silver and platinum. This gold 1/10 oz coin is in brilliant uncirculated condition.

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