1982 Sunshine Mining Silver Proof Set

1982 Sunshine Mining Silver Proof Set
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Product Description

Sunshine Mining 1982 Silver Proof Set. This was the inaugural set and consists of a 5 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz 1982 dated proof struck .999 fine silver rounds, and a 1/4 oz silver bar with the set number. Total of 7 troy oz of silver.

We have set number 1703 (out of 10,000 made).

In very good/excellent condition, comes in the original vinyl binder with Certificate of Authenticity and an aerial photo of the Sunshine Mine but the vinyl page with the 5 oz round cracked at the margin and the page is loose.

Sunshine Mining was one of the largest US silver miners, but it went into bankruptcy in 2001 as a result of taking on too much debt at a time when silver prices were historically low.

Only 2 available.

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