1976 Bicentennial Gold Medallion Proof 1.3 Troy oz

1976 Bicentennial Gold Medallion Proof 1.3 Troy oz
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Product Description

1976 Bicentennial Gold Medallion Proof 1.3 Troy oz of .900 fine gold (1.167 troy oz pure gold) with paperwork, original cherry wood box and outer cardboard box. In excellent as new condition.

The National Bicentennial medals featuring the Statue of Liberty on the obverse and the Great Seal of the US on the reverse, were available in a variety of metals and sizes. The medals were designed by US Mint Chief Sculptor-Engraver, Frank Gasparro and were produced by the US Mint for the American Revolution Bicentennial.

Here's a list of the sizes available, the metal content and the original selling price:

1-1/2" / Bronze / $5.00
1-1/2" / Gold-plated Bronze / $15.00
1-1/2" / Sterling Silver, Proof finish / 0.925 troy ounce of silver / $25.00
3" / Sterling Silver, Antique finish / 7.822 troy ounces of silver / $150.00
29/32" / Gold, Proof finish / 0.37 troy ounces of gold / $100.00
1-5/16" / Gold, Proof finish / 1.167 troy ounces of gold / $400.00
3" / Gold, Proof finish / 13.18 troy ounces of gold / $4,000.00

Only 5,396 of the 1 5/16" Gold coins were struck, this is obviously a very rare and interesting piece.

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