1950 Saudi Arabia 1 Guinea BU

1950 Saudi Arabia 1 Guinea BU
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Product Description

1950 Saudi Arabia Gold Guinea in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Coin contains 0.2354 troy oz of gold in a 22 kt allow, total coin weight is 7.9881 grams.

Saudi Arabia has produced only five gold coins in its history, and gold guineas were only minted for one year, Hejira date 1370 (October 13th 1950 to October 1st 1951). They are exactly the same size and weight as British gold sovereigns, upon which they were modeled.

Both the obverse and reverse feature scripted Arabic legends inside and outside of a circle. At the bottom of the obverse are the crossed swords of the Saudi King, flanked by two palm trees. At the bottom of the reverse appears the Arabic numeral 1, again flanked by palms.

Mintage was 2 million

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