1912 Austria Gold 10 Coronas AU/XF

1912 Austria Gold 10 Coronas AU/XF
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Product Description

1912 Austria 10 Coronas, 90% gold coins containing 0.098 troy oz gold in XF/AU condition.

On the obverse the bare head, facing right, of Emperor Franz Joseph I with the inscription "FRANC IOS I D G IMP AUSTR REX BOH GAL ILL ET AP REX HUNG" around the edge.

The reverse features the arms of Austria superimposed upon a crowned double-headed Imperial eagle, with the legend "X CORONAE MDCCCCXII" above and "10 1912 COR." below.

These were issued between 1892 and 1912, bearing their date of issue. In typical Austrian tradition, after the death of Franz Joseph in 1916, official restrikes were issued as commemorative pieces, all bearing the date 1912.

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