We Buy Precious Metals!

If you have ever said "How can I sell my gold and get a fair price?" you need to contact us. Not only do we sell precious metals, we would like to buy gold or silver when you are ready to sell.

Don't sell to the guys advertising on late night TV!!! At best they will pay 30% of the actual value!

Don't ever take your valuables to one of those traveling buyer outfits, that advertise heavily for a week before arriving then spend 3 days operating out of a low-budget hotel. They pay the worst.

You local pawn shop would be a better deal, but not by much.

You can see what we are currently offering for Gold, Silver Platinum and Palladium bullion on this page.

For small lots (under $5,000) we generally offer a fixed price. For larger quantities the price is not set until received, this gives the seller all the price upside while the metals are in transit, while giving us some protection if prices fall. We use the closing NYMEX spot prices on the day of arrival.

If you have Gold, Palladium or Silver Bullion or Coins in uncirculated condition that you would like to sell, please send us an email describing what you have.

We will respond with an offer and our mailing address. If the offer is acceptable you would mail the items to us.

Once we receive the items and verify that everything is correct we will pay either by Paypal (smaller amounts), by direct deposit Billpay or cashier's check.