Precious Metals Purchase Plans

When it comes to investing in anything a very popular strategy is to spend the same amount at regular intervals (dollar cost averaging). It can lower the average price per ounce, while reducing the fear of buying at the wrong time.

You decide the amount you want to invest each period and once set up it repeats automatically.

We compared our Monthly Purchase plan to all the ones offered by other bullion dealers and believe that ours offers the best deal for the precious metals investor. We had heard that from our subscribers so we had to go check. Feel free to compare how ours works with anyone else and let us know if we are wrong.

The minimum is $500 per payment. We realize that for many this is a pretty steep requirement, but we do not require a payment be made on any particular timetable so you can set it up to be once a month, once every 2 months or even quarterly. As long as the payment meets the minimum you could do it as often as it suits you. If you wanted to split that between different plans the minimum is $400 for gold/platinum/palladium and $200 for Silver so that becomes another option.

Here are the links to the individual plan pages-

Gold Plan       Silver Plan       Platinum Plan       Palladium Plan

These are today's base prices for payments received before noon (pricing is set at 10 am and there are discounts for quantity purchases):

Cash pricePaypal price
Monarch "Locomotive" Silver Round 1/10 Troy oz$1.96$2.05
Generic Silver Round 1 Troy oz$15.90$16.64
A-Mark Liberty Silver Round 1 Troy oz$15.94$16.69
Golden State Mint Buffalo Silver Round 1 Troy oz$15.94$16.69
Sunshine Mint Security Silver Round 1 Troy oz$15.94$16.69
Generic Silver Bars 1 Troy oz$15.94$16.69
Johnson Matthey Silver Bar 1 Troy oz$16.42$17.19
Sunshine Minting Silver Bar 1 Troy oz$16.05$16.80
Generic Silver Bar 5 Troy oz$80.47$84.26
Sunshine Minting Silver Bar 5 Troy oz$79.42$83.16
Generic Silver Bar 10 Troy oz$157.90$165.30
A-Mark Silver Bar 10 Troy oz$159.40$166.90
Sunshine Minting Silver Bar 10 Troy oz$158.40$165.80
$10 Face Value 90% Silver Halves containing 7.15 Troy oz Silver$116.70$122.10
$10 Face Value 90% Silver 1964 Kennedy Halves- 7.15 Troy oz Silver$117.70$123.20
$10 Face Value 40% Silver Kennedy Halves- 2.96 Troy oz Silver$41.74$43.70
$5 Face Value 40% Silver Kennedy Halves- 1.48 Troy oz Silver$20.97$21.95
$100 Face Value 90% Silver Quarters 71.5 Troy oz Pure Silver$1,096.40$1,148.00
$10 Face Value 90% Silver Quarters containing 7.15 Troy oz Silver$112.70$118.00
$5 Face Value 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes 3.57 Troy oz Silver$56.58$59.24
Austrian Silver Philharmonic 1oz Unc$16.99$17.79
2018 Canada Silver Maple .9999 Fine 1 Troy oz$17.05$17.85
Canada Silver Maple .9999 Fine 1 Troy oz$16.89$17.68
American Silver Eagle $1 Unc$17.47$18.29
2018 American Silver Eagle $1 Unc$17.73$18.56
2015 Mexican Libertad Onza Troy de Plata (Troy Ounce of Silver)$17.94$18.78
Credit Suisse Gold Ingot 1 Troy oz$1,265.90$1,325.50
Pamp Suisse Gold Ingot 1 Troy oz$1,269.00$1,328.70
Perth Mint Gold Bar 1 Troy oz$1,271.00$1,330.80
Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar 1 Troy oz$1,257.80$1,317.00
Pamp Suisse Gold Ingot 1 gram$52.95$55.44
Credit Suisse Gold Ingot 5 gram$213.70$223.70
Pamp Suisse Gold Ingot 5 gram$223.70$234.20
Perth Mint Gold Bar 10 gram$426.50$446.50
Monarch Sand Crane Gold 1/10 Troy oz$137.10$143.50
Canadian Gold Maple 1/10 Troy oz$139.20$145.70
Canadian Gold Maple 1/4 Troy oz$339.80$355.80
Canadian Gold Maple 1/2 Troy oz$657.20$688.10
Canadian Gold Maple 1 Troy oz$1,275.10$1,335.10
Krugerrand Gold 1/10 Troy oz$138.50$145.00
Krugerrand Gold 1/4 Troy oz$341.40$357.40
Krugerrand Gold 1/2 Troy oz$657.60$688.50
Krugerrand Gold 1 Troy oz$1,267.90$1,327.60
American Gold Eagle $5 Unc 1/10 Troy oz$139.80$146.30
American Gold Eagle $10 Unc 1/4 Troy oz$333.40$349.10
American Gold Eagle $25 Unc 1/2 Troy oz$657.60$688.50
American Gold Eagle $50 Unc 1 Troy oz$1,290.40$1,351.10
American Gold Buffalo $50 1 Troy oz Unc$1,287.80$1,348.40
British Gold Sovereign AU$307.80$322.30
Canadian Palladium Maple 1 Troy oz Coin$1,209.90$1,266.90
Valcambi Platinum Bar 1 oz$906.40$949.10
American Platinum Eagle 1/4 oz $25 Unc $267.20$279.70

This pricelist last updated on Nov 19, 2018, with Gold spot at $1,222.90, Silver spot at $14.45, Platinum spot at $854.00 and Palladium spot at $1,158.00

If you have any questions feel free to call or Email Me.