2007-2011 Perth Mint Deadly and Dangerous Silver Proof Set

2007-2011 Perth Mint Deadly and Dangerous Silver Proof Set
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Product Description

One of the most popular of all the Perth Mint's special issue coin sets is the Deadly & Dangerous Creatures set, issued as legal tender coins for the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu.

Each coin is a proof strike .999 fine Silver coin, containing 1 Troy oz with a colored reverse and features one of the deadly creatures found in Australia. Only 5,000 coins were struck each year and sell out at the Perth Mint very quickly.

The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II, year of issue, denomination (1 Dollar) and Tuvalu.

While it is a beautiful country, some of the most dangerous creatures on earth are found there, and usually the most dangerous of them all. The deadliest spiders, the most poisonous snakes, jellyfish and octopuses known to man. Truly paradise on earth!

The series was started in 2006 with the Red-Back Spider. This is the only coin not included in this set, as it is the hardest to find and usually sells for over $2,000 by itself.

Set includes:

2007 Great White Shark 1 oz Proof
2008 Blue Ringed Octopus 1 oz Proof
2009 Saltwater Crocodile 1 oz Proof
2010 Eastern Brown Snake 1 oz Proof
2011 Box Jellyfish 1 oz Proof

Each coin comes in its own display box, finely crafted of wood with a glossy varnished finish, with certificate of authenticity and colorful outer cardboard box.

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