Montana Huckleberry Saltwater Taffy 8oz

Montana Huckleberry Saltwater Taffy 8oz
Item# 1823
Cash: $2.99
Credit/Paypal: $2.99, 2 for $5.59

Product Description

Montana Huckleberry Saltwater Taffy, 8 oz.

For years we have been adding a few of these mouth-watering Huckleberry Taffies to each boxed order we send out. Just a little "Thank you" gift for our customers.

Well, so many people have asked that are finally giving in and now offer these for sale. Because we are not candy dealers!

Shipping is not the same as for bullion unfortunately, so it will be $8.95 for 1 or 2 bags (1/2 lb each), $11.95 for 1.5 to 12 lb.