Montana Wild Huckleberry Syrup No Added Sugar 10 oz

Montana Wild Huckleberry Syrup No Added Sugar 10 oz
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Product Description

Montana Wild Huckleberry Syrup (no added sugar), 10 oz bottle, made with pride in our hometown of Missoula, Montana. Contains only huckleberries picked in the wild (no fertilizers or pesticides at all), concentrated fruit juice (fructose), lemon juice and pectin.

Note- this is not "sugar-free" as in it's safe for diabetics, it still contains sugar from fruit. Still an indulgence!

Mountain Huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum) cannot be commercially grown, the only way to get this unique treat is to actually head into the mountain forests and find them.

This particular Huckleberry Syrup is really mis-named, syrups are usually filtered with no fruit. Instead it has tons of huckleberry pieces and is amazing as a topping on pancakes, waffles, vanilla ice cream or cheesecake. It can be blended into a milkshake or used as a daiquiri flavoring. It is perhaps the best we have tried (although anything huckleberry is very tasty).

It may seem a little odd for us to be offering a food item on a website for precious metals, but let us explain- One of the most awesome things about living in Montana is being able to find fresh huckleberries from late summer through autumn. During the season we buy 8 lb bags of them from a local Hmong picker and eat as many as we can fresh, but also we freeze a lot. Because there is nothing better than fresh-baked huckleberry scones in the middle of winter to bring a smile to your face!

So we decided to share this unique treat with our customers. You don't have to buy silver or gold to be able to purchase this... but if you do it is guaranteed to make you happy when you open your shipment!

Made in Montana, refrigerate after opening.

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