1911-S US Indian Head Half Eagle $5 Gold Coin AU

1911-S US Indian Head Half Eagle $5 Gold Coin AU
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Product Description

Unlike traditional coins from the US Mint, the $5 and $2.5 Indian Head gold coins were struck with an incuse design unlike any other U.S. Mint coins in history.

"Incuse" means that the fine details of the Indian, the Eagle, and the writing are sunken into the gold surface. This new design was created to reduce the wear and replacement costs on these official legal tender gold coins- the circulating money of the day. As a result, the fine details of an incuse $5 Indian are far better preserved today in addition to making them interesting conversation pieces.

For that reason, they are highly popular with coin collectors who recognize them as two of the most unique gold coins in American history.

Designed by the famous sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, this coin features an Indian dressed in full feathers with a standing eagle on the reverse. Minted only from 1908 to 1929, the $5 Indian Head contains .2419 troy ounces of fine gold.

This coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint and probably grade at AU-50 or better.

We are not currently buying ungraded pre-1933 US Gold coins.