1907 US Liberty Head Quarter Eagle $2.50 Gold Coin Unc

1907 US Liberty Head Quarter Eagle $2.50 Gold Coin Unc
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Product Description

The Coronet Liberty, as the design is sometimes labeled, first appeared on the gold eagle in 1838 but was also used on several other 19th century issues, including half cents (known as the Braided Hair type), large cents (the Modified Matron Head), and half eagles. The type has the distinction of being a design that was used longer than any other U.S. coin type with no major changes (68 years!).

The obverse depicts Lady Liberty facing left wearing a coronet with the word LIBERTY inscribed on it. On the reverse is the John Reich Eagle with shield with the wings enlarged to reach across the coin. Mint marks are located beneath Eagle on the reverse.

This coin is very nice, unfortunately it has been cleaned which hurts it a bit for grading purposes. However it is a pretty looking Uncirculated example.

We are not currently buying ungraded pre-1933 US Gold coins.