Silver Purchase Plan

Silver Purchase Plan:

You decide the amount you want to spend on silver each period and once set up repeats automatically. The price per ounce will go up and down with the market, so the amount of silver you buy each time will fluctuate. In most cases the exact amount of silver purchased will include partial ounces, which are hard to mail! The answer is to carry over any fractions to the next month (See Note 1). You will receive your silver in the mail a few days later.

No hassles, you can stop at any time, change the amount or type of silver bullion you are getting.

FREE Shipping on ANYTHING additional you buy during the month! (See Note 2)

Cash Pricing:

Cash prices are 4.5% less than the online (credit card) price, it is a fact of life that credit card fees are expensive. We can set up your Silver Purchase Plan at the lower Cash pricing several ways- electronic payments direct from your bank account, using your bank's BillPay service to mail a check, or you could manually mail a check each time. So please Email Us today for more information!

Credit Card Setup:

Use this subscription submission form ONLY if you want to use a credit card or Paypal account:

$500         $750         $1,000

Other (Minimum $500 see Note 6)

Monthly         Every 2nd month         Quarterly (once every 3 months)

By clicking "Subscribe" you agree that you have read and accept all the terms and conditions on this page. Do not use this if you want to pay by Check or Direct Debit from your bank account. Email us instead.

IMPORTANT: After you have completed the payment setup on Paypal, email us with the specifics of the silver products you wish to purchase.

Choices are:

A - Branded Rounds (Golden State, A-Mark, Sunshine etc)
B - Generic Rounds
C - Generic Bar 1 oz
D - Branded Bar 1 oz (Sunshine)
E - American Silver Eagles
F - Canada Silver Maple
G - Engelhard Silver Rounds (1 oz)
H - Generic 5 oz Bars
I - Branded 5 oz Bars (e.g. Sunshine)
J - Generic 10 oz Bars
K - Branded 10 oz Bars (Amark, Sunshine etc)
L - Johnson Matthey or Engelhard 10 oz Bars
M - $10 face value 90% Silver (choose Dimes, Quarters OR Halves)
N - $5 face value 90% Silver (choose Dimes, Quarters OR Halves)

Private mint silver bullion products
Legal tender silver bullion coins
Old US Silver coins (junk silver) products

Other products may be chosen, but these are items we can be reasonably sure to have in stock most of the time. Please contact us if you have a different preference, we will work out how to accommodate you.

Plan Details:

You select the amount you want to spend on silver each time. You choose the product you wish to purchase. Products shipped will depend on availability (but you will be contacted if your preference is unavailable to see what alternative you prefer).

On the same date each period (based on your start date) your bank account, credit card or Paypal account (See Note 3) will be billed for the amount you choose, your silver will be purchased at the current price (See Note 4) and mailed to you on the next shipping day. Partial ounces will be carried over to the next month. If you decide to cancel your subscription eligible remaining fractions (See Note 5) will be repurchased by Montana Rarities.

Once you have subscribed it is easy to change your periodic purchase amount, or the type of silver you are buying. If your subscription is funded through Paypal and you wish to increase it more than 20% you will have to cancel the existing payment and set up a new one, that is the maximum Paypal will allow a subscription payment to be modified. For less than that select the new amount above and click the "Subscribe" button. You will be taken to Paypal's website to confirm your changes, which will be effective on your next scheduled billing date.

To change the bullion type or if your payments are made by ACH or check just email us so we can make the necessary changes.

Plans under $500 per payment are no longer being accepted (See Note 6).

Because we have been asked too many times, we have to add this- the plan works how it is. Please do not email asking if we can change some feature of it to accommodate your ideas. That will not happen.

Purchases made under the plan have Free Shipping.

No contracts or long-term commitments, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

So to summarize- here are the benefits:

  • Dollar Cost Averaging- when prices are low you buy more and when high you buy less, resulting in a lower average price
  • You don't need to worry about trying to time the market to get the "best price"
  • No contract or long-term commitment, stop whenever you want
  • You can change your plan options at any time
  • Free Shipping on anything you buy
  • No hassles- set it up and you are done
  • Free Shipping!

Terms, Notes and Conditions:

Note 1. Fraction Accounting- Letís say you sign up for a $500 subscription and Silver is $25.37 an ounce. Your first payment buys 19.71 ounces of silver, the whole ounces will be mailed to you and the remaining 0.71 ounce will be carried on account (invoice sent with your shipment will contain all the details). The next month silver is $24.54, so your $500 now buys 20.37 ounces. Add the 0.71 oz on account and you now have 21.08 oz. The 21 whole ounces would be mailed out, your remaining 0.08 oz will be carried over. Fractions will be calculated to 2 decimal places, 0.005 will be rounded up to 0.01.

If you select 10 oz Silver Bars for your plan then shipments will be in 10 oz increments, Silver Halves and Quarters will be in 7.15 oz ($10 face value) increments and Silver Dimes will be in 3.58 oz ($5 face value) increments.

Subscription shipments go out on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. If you have a purchase going through on the 1st it may not show up for a couple weeks.

Note 2. Purchases made under the Purchase Plan have Free Shipping. Additionally, anything you buy from Montana Rarities will also have Free Shipping if it is packed and mailed with your scheduled subscription shipment. Purchases can be made on the website (by credit card or Paypal) or by cash (check, money order, wire transfer or ACH), then will be held until your next scheduled shipment.

Please Contact Us for a coupon code to use during checkout (Also if you need quantity discounts or cash pricing for a mailed check or bank transfer).

Note 3. To be able to sign up online you must use Paypal (I'm sorry!) but you can choose to have the subscription settle against your credit card, your bank account or your Paypal balance. Keep in mind that Paypal charges us a fee for any transaction they touch, so if you plan on paying out of your bank account, talk to us about electronic payments or using your bank's BillPay service to have checks sent automatically, plus you get the 4.5% lower cash pricing!

If you do not want to open a Paypal account or use a credit card, then Email Us

Note 4. Sell prices for the Purchase Plan are the prices published on the Montana Rarities website at 10 am Mountain Time for the product you have elected to buy. Payments received before noon will use that day's price, payments received after Noon will be priced and invoiced the following day. Generally, payments made with Paypal or by electronic transfers are processed before 8am, while mailed payments are received after 3pm.

Credit Card or Paypal funded purchases pay the Online price, check or electronic payments pay the Cash price.

Quantity price breaks will apply- the discount for 20-99 ounces of silver bullion is 1.25%, 100+ ounces is 1.75%. Contact us for the full schedule of discounts.

Note 5. If your subscription is canceled before the 4th sale is final any carryover fractions may be forfeited. Silver fractions eligible for refund will be purchased by Montana Rarities at the NYME closing silver bid price the day of cancellation. Refund will be paid by either Paypal or check as directed by customer.

Note 6. We are no longer accepting new signups under the minimum amount. If you try to sign up for an amount under $500 your Paypal payment will be returned, except for the Paypal processing charge (non-refundable).

Legal Notes

Montana Rarities is not selling a regulated product or securities, and offers no guarantees or warranties. Buying silver could result in losses, as market prices can be volatile, and there is a significant spread between Buy and Sell prices.

The plan is limited to the US and territories. There are too many restrictions for shipping precious metals to APO and FPO addresses to be able to offer this in an economical way.

By authorizing your Bank, Paypal or your Credit Card issuer to pay Montana Rarities under this Silver Purchase Plan you are agreeing to purchase silver each month in the form and amount you chose when you subscribed. You understand and agree that the price per ounce you pay cannot be predicted or guaranteed, and the quantity of silver purchased each month will fluctuate.

If an order is lost in transit by the USPS it will be replaced immediately by Montana Rarities (your assistance in filing insurance claims will be greatly appreciated).

If you are unable to collect your mail when an order is expected to ship please contact Montana Rarities. Your order will be processed on the normal date, but shipment will be held until you advise it is OK to send. If you are on vacation it would be much safer to have it held at this end.

You agree that in the event of a dispute your only recourse is to cancel your subscription and receive a refund for the most recent purchase subject to the following: If a purchase is in progress the shipment will be canceled and your payment refunded. If a purchase is in transit or already delivered you must notify Montana Rarities of your intent to cancel within 7 days of delivery. You may then return that purchase and your payment will be refunded on receipt. If you keep the last shipment, or 7 days have passed since delivery, the sale is non-refundable and any attempt to dispute the transaction will be treated as fraud.

If you have any unanswered questions feel free to call or Email Us.

If you do need to cancel your Paypal-funded purchase plan please click this button:

If you want to cancel your subscription and it is paid by direct debit to your bank account or by mailed check please Email Us so we can take care of it.

I will be sorry to see you go, but understand that situations change. Any eligible fractions on account (See Note 5) will be cashed out and refunded within 24 hours.