1990 Isle of Man Gold Alley Cat 1/5 Troy oz Platinum Error MS-68

1990 Isle of Man Gold Alley Cat 1/5 Troy oz Platinum Error MS-68
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Product Description

Absolutely stunning mint error 1990 Isle of Man "Alley Cat" Gold 1/5 Crown (1/5 troy oz) graded MS-68 by NGC.

This coin was struck as a 1/5 Crown gold coin, one of the continuing series of extremely popular domestic cat gold coins minted for the Isle of Man by the prestigious Pobjoy Mint in England. However the dies that were made for this coin contained an error- instead of showing the metal as "Au" (Gold) it shows "Pt" (for Platinum on the periodic table).

Here is a closeup-

According to published records 467 coins with this error were distributed before the mint caught the mistake. It is unknown how many survive, but the highest grade prior to this one (found here is Montana) was a PCGS graded MS-67.

This coin is believed to be the finest example in the world, and may be priceless. However, we had to give it a price...

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