1901 US Liberty Gold Eagle $10 Coin AU

1901 US Liberty Gold Eagle $10 Coin AU
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Product Description

The Liberty Eagle inherited its design from two popular sources. The obverse was patterned after the popular 1816 Coronet-type Large Cent. And the imposing eagle on the reverse is still considered one of the most fascinating eagles ever to grace any U.S. coin.

Because of its convenient size and denomination, the $10 Liberty was instantly popular and became one of the most circulated coins in U.S. history. They were hoarded during the Civil War, when it took $25 in paper "greenbacks" to buy just one $10 Liberty.

Coin contains 0.48375 Troy oz of gold in a 90% alloy.

This coin would probably grade as an Almost Uncirculated AU-50.

We are not currently buying ungraded pre-1933 US Gold coins.