1888 US Liberty Head $20 Gold Double Eagle AU

1888 US Liberty Head $20 Gold Double Eagle AU
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Product Description

1888 Philadelphia Mint struck $20 Liberty Double Eagle, contains 0.9675 Troy oz of gold in a 90% alloy, in Almost Uncirculated condition.

In 1877, the $20 Liberty Double Eagle was modified for the third and last time. Miss Liberty’s portrait on the obverse was refined, now showing more delicate detail in the face and hair. On the reverse, the spelling of the value was changed from “TWENTY D.” to “TWENTY DOLLARS.” Type 3 Double Eagles were minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Carson City; they were also struck in New Orleans in 1879 only, and in Denver for just two years, 1906 and 1907. The last $20 Liberty Double Eagle gold coins were struck in 1907.

While the "Saint Gaudens" which replaced it is considered to be one of the most beautiful US coins ever designed, the Liberty Head is just a classic coin. It has features that exude old-world ideas about design and art.

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